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Calapan City


The City of Calapan, the capital of Oriental Mindoro is the progressive trading and commercial hub and the regional center of MIMAROPA Region. With its picturesque backdrop, it houses the empowered citizenry which emerged from simplicity to being a regional and national renowned city. Its vital role in the Strong Republic Nautical Highway (SRNH), a bus-and-ferry route that links Manila with various points in the south, opens greater opportunities for lasting and sustained socio-economic development.

A Spaniard Augustinian recollect priest, Fr. Diego dela Madre de Dios founded Calapan City as a parish in 1679. Human settlements had been established around the parish church and it continued to grow, and later became the beginning of a small town and village. Its gradual development and strategic location paved the way for its eventual selection as the seat of the administrative power and the capital of the whole province of Mindoro during the latter years of the Spanish colonization.

There are many stories as to where the name Calapan was taken. One of which is that the name Calapan came from the word “kalap” which means to gather logs. It was originally pronounced as “kalapan” which, according to an old Tagalog dictionary, was a synonym for “sanga” or branch. It could then refer to the settlement of kalapan as a branch of its adjoining mother town, the Municipality of Baco. The name was later hispanized as Calapan.

From the last decades of the Spanish era to the 21st century, Calapan has continuously played its significant role as the center of commerce, industry higher education, religious activities and the financial hub of Oriental Mindoro.

The year 1998 marked a milestone when the then Municipality of Calapan was converted into a component city by virtue of Republic Act No. 8475 on March 21, 1998 through a plebiscite which Calapeňos had overwhelmingly ratified. Since then, Calapan has witnessed significant strides of development in commerce and industry, infrastructure and in basic social services.

Today, the City of Calapan stands as the progressive gateway not only to the islands of Mindoro but also to the southern part of the Philippine archipelago through the opening of SRNH.


Calapan City is presently inhabited by people from a mixture of various migrants from different provinces of Luzon, predominantly from Batangas Province. Calapeňos are known for being hospitable, peace-loving, well-disciplined, cooperative, innovative and undying dedication to work. They possess high quality skills to meet the demands of different industries and investments, both foreign and local markets.

SOURCE: City Government of Calapan